Little Big Snake, A Snake Game That’s No Less Exciting!

Little Big Snake is one of the snake adventure games that is no less exciting than other games that are currently popular such as Worms Zone or, so what distinguishes this Little Big Snake Game? It’s better for you to try it yourself directly download it on the playstore and feel the difference playing this game.

If we play a worms zone game  that is identical to the smooth picture, and in terms of the game is not boring, Well, this Little Big Snake sedankan game is more perfect than that game, why is it like that? yes so this game is very different from others, as for the difference is as follows:


  1. This snake game is like carrying out a mission when you play this game, and if you reach a certain level point, you will get a gift in the form of red Rubies. (not bad, because in the shop menu, this rubies are sold for $2 for 150 rubies.
  2. There are many Snake Skins that you use to play games, and as usual all these skins are not opened directly but must complete missions or at certain levels. The skin names are grass snake, Shinobi San, Hamburger, Liquid Snake, Murloc, Lake Cthulhu and many other cute skin characters.
  3. The map appearance is also different, there will be various kinds of obstacles that you must not hit, such as mountain rocks and others. then in the map there are various creatures that you can eat besides the wandering snakes.
  4. Playing this game must be more careful, why? because of the way it turns, unlike other games, in this game it will be very difficult to really turn instantly so playing this game must be extra careful.


As for some things about this game that are explained in the game description on the playstore are: Play various choices of snake characters to compete with other gamers in 1 server map whose task is to complete missions, improve skills to defeat other snakes. your snake played can eat the nectar and energy left by the opposing snake that plays on the server. Keep surviving and be the number or ranking first.

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