Characteristics of Savory Maryam Bread

Do you know maryam bread? What about cane bread? Do you know him better? Indeed, maryam bread, cane bread, or prata bread are the same type of food. But why does this food have so many names? It is certainly because there are many versions regarding the appearance of this food. In Indonesia, maryam bread or cane bread is a food that is widely consumed by people of Arab descent. Initially, it was only found in Arab villages or in middle eastern restaurants. According to his tradition, maryam bread is served sprinkled with sugar or honey for breakfast. It can also be served with green bean curry or goat curry as the main menu.

The origin of maryam bread is still a mystery. But what is certain is that this food has a long history with diverse names in many countries. Maryam bread in India is also called cane bread because it comes from Chennai (Madras). Meanwhile in Malaysia and Singapore it is called Prata, Palata (Myanmar) and Farata (Mauritius). In China maryam bread is known as Yin Du Jiang Bing which means Indian grilled biscuits. Whereas in Europe it is known as Flying Bread (flying bread) probably because of the way it is made which is often thrown into the air. The unique thing about maryam bread is that the layers of flour do not blend with each other and the taste that tends to be unsalted but savory because it is based on flour and fat. Maryam bread is also said to be the forerunner of martabak which is made from the same material, only with a variety of meat fillings and seasonings in it. Want to make your own maryam bread at home? Here are the tips:

  1. Roll and Grind
    If you are concerned about the texture of the bread. Then you can see that there is a spiral-like circular texture that is connected from the middle of the bread to the very outside. This is intentional because that is the hallmark of maryam bread around the world. Therefore, you have to do two important things, namely rolling and grinding the bread dough. After all the ingredients are mixed and the dough is rinsed. You can divide the dough into two or three large parts. Grease the dough with oil and let it stand for an hour until it rises with a clean napkin covered. Then grind each part with a rolling pin until thin with a thickness of 1-2 cm with an elongated shape. Once thin, you can cut it with a knife or cutter pin with a distance of 1-2 cm in an elongated position according to the shape of the dough. If so, the dough will be shaped shredded like paper crushed by a paper shredder. After that, start rolling each of the long pieces of dough until it is round again. After there are a lot of dough rolls, let it stand for a while while smearing the oil back and expanding slightly. After that, don’t forget to re-grind each dough with a rolling pin until it is flat and round and then fried.
  2. Fry With a Non-Stick Pan
    In frying maryam bread dough, you should use a non-stick pan so that maryam bread is maintained in texture and taste. In this process it is important for you to always press the bread so that it is flattened without damaging the texture of the spiral. Maryam bread will be more delicious and tempting if you fry it until it is browned and there are few burnt marks in some parts.
  3. Put Your Favorite
    Toppings When you’re done frying, you can serve them in a classic style using mutton curry or chicken curry. But if not, other ingredients such as chocolate, milk, and cheese can also be an option. Add grated Prochiz Gold on top then flush with chocolate milk. You can also combine maryam bread with Prochiz Mayo and chili sauce for a saltier taste. Maryam bread is ready to be your afternoon activity companion.

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