Call Center Function in the Company

Currently, the existence of a call center in the company has become one of the fundamental needs because it has an important role to support the progress of the company itself. In general, the function of the call center in the company is to provide information needed by customers and handle questions asked by customers and carry out market research activities directly through communication with customers.

While the features and functions of the call center are complete as follows:

1.    Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

IVR or interactive voice response is the first voice heard by the customer immediately after contacting the call center. This feature will help choose customer calls instantly and at any time.

2.    Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)

This feature will ensure calls are automatically routed to the right employees so customers don’t wait too long. This feature will help to systematically handle calls, making it easier to adjust the order of customer calls.

3.    Route By Skill

The call will be based on the specific skills or abilities possessed by the employee. The role of the IVR who interacts with the customer will know their request and forward the call to the qualified employee. When the call is forwarded to employees who are competent in their fields, the information or problems raised by the customer can be resolved appropriately and effectively. This will also affect customer trust in the company.

4.    Call Recording

Call recordings in the call center contain the history of incoming and outgoing calls. That way, the company can monitor the quality and performance of employees through these records. Meanwhile, new employees can train and determine the quality of the applicable calls.

In addition, with this call recording, companies can easily track and resolve disputes between employees and customers.

5.    Call Tracking and Monitoring

Another function of the call center is to perform call tracking and monitoring at all times. In this way, the company can more easily monitor employee performance so that productivity increases.

6.    Forwarding a Live Call

This feature on the call center will allow to forward calls directly to the employee’s mobile phone without disconnecting the call. For example, when there are employees who cannot solve the problem, they can forward the call to another division directly.

7.    Integrasi CRM

Crm integration will allow employees to get information regarding calls. In this way, the call center service will be more well organized, effective and efficient.

8.    Analytics Reports

The analytics report will display the number of missed calls, the volume of calls at different times, new callers and re-callers, and a variety of other important information.



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