Benefits of Sweet Potatoes for Health

With a variety of nutrients contained in sweet potatoes, it’s no wonder that this root crop has many health benefits. Here are the various benefits of sweet potatoes:

1. Lowers the risk of developing cancer

Sweet potatoes contain the antioxidant beta carotene which is thought to reduce the risk of the appearance of several types of cancer, such as gastric cancer, colon cancer, breast cancer, and buli-buli cancer. Of all its types, purple sweet potatoes have the highest amount of antioxidants.

2. Immunity

Beta carotene in sweet potatoes can be converted into vitamin A in the body. Research shows that vitamin A deficiency can increase enteritis and reduce the immune system’s response to fight disease.

3. Good for eye health

Still about the content of beta carotene in sweet potatoes, this one substance can also reduce the risk of developing macular degenaration. This eye disease becomes the most common cause of a person’s vision loss.

4. Good for the digestive system

Anticocidalants and high fiber contained in sweet potatoes help the digestive system to be healthier and prevent constipation.

5. Controlling blood sugar

A study showed that sweet potatoes can control sugar levels and have low glycemic index levels. In addition, sweet potatoes are also suspected to be able to reduce blood glucose and bad cholesterol (LDL) levels, as well as increase the body’s sensitivity to insulin.

6. Lowers blood pressure

Eating sweet potatoes can help increase potassium intake in the body. Potassium can lower blood pressure, reduce tension in the heart, and help regulate heart rate and muscle contractions.

But it is recommended to process sweet potatoes by not adding salt excessively, since excess salt (sodium) can cause an increase in blood pressure.

In addition to being useful for reducing the risk of developing dangerous diseases, sweet potatoes also have other uses, especially those related to increasing the body’s energy and losing weight.


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