Benefits of Doing an Internship

Many people may feel lazy with internship programs. Entering the world of work as an intern must be willing to be a kacung who is told to come here and there.

Even though there are many benefits of internships that you can get. Here are some of its benefits:

1. Internship Program Opens Insights

As a student, you must still be new to the world of work. Unless, if you are an employee who is studying, it’s a different story.

This internship program is like the starting gate that you can enter to get to know the ins and outs of the world of work. After passing the internship period, the hope is that interns will not be surprised anymore when they have graduated and have to work in the industry.

There are many insights that can be gained by participating in the internship program. For example, about the division of duties in each division in the company, involvement in a company project, skill or competency needs in a position, etc.

All the insights gained will make you more ready to enter the world of work. You can be a job-ready and reliable human resource.

2. Expanding the Network

Relationships or networks are important in the world of work. By joining the internship program, you can meet new people. Experienced people in the industry of course.

This new network can be very useful when you are already in the workforce.

This is like investing in the future. You won’t know who you can get a job from. Therefore, try to be kind to everyone you meet during your internship.

3. Develop Skills or Skills

During your internship, you will get a number of tasks. Such tasks usually require practical skills. You can learn a lot from each task assigned to add new skills, or make  your skills more effective when applied to a job in an industry.

The skills or skills that you can get are not only in the form of big things. Simple things like being able to use the various applications provided by Google effectively can be very useful for your work later.

4. Give More Value

Fierce competition in the world of work requires you to have a differentiator and more value so that the company sees it. You can include internship experience on your CV. Listing your internship experience will make you have more value than other job seekers.

Work experience is an important consideration for the company. As a fresh graduate who has done an internship, your name will be more considered.

5. Provide Job Opportunities

Be faithful to small things, you will later be entrusted to great things.

If during the internship program your performance and attitude are good, you have the opportunity to be appointed as an employee when the company opens recruitment. At least your name will be on the positive radar.

So, during the internship, don’t mess around, huh!

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